There Are No Foreign Lands

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”"

Raison D'Être: New York State Knife Laws


They are bit ridiculous. The constitution gives me the right to bear arms but by this law anything outside of a dinky pocket knife is illegal, and even a dinky pocket knife is illegal under circumstances that are left up to the judgement of the police. We all know how well the judgement of police…

I wouldn’t feel safe without my spring action knife after all of the issues I have had on the subway. FUCK NY - you need to be safe!

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"I need you. Don’t hang up on me!" "I’m smoking a blunt with Noelle." Click.

People, even after all this time, leave me when I need them. I’m still alive, but I really can’t beg for help anymore because that’s not a relationship I can survive. That’s my fault, not his. Nevertheless, I can’t be with him and survive. Cutting has never let me down thankfully but I don’t want to be doing this again.